Corporate giving

Make a Difference in Your Community

As a sponsor of BeMe Theatre, your company will show its commitment to the performing arts and the community. 

In Munich, where nearly a quarter of the population consists of foreign nationals, BeMe encourages an environment for intercultural communication. We use international scripts and guest artists, combining them with design and developmental processes to cross cultural and artistic borders.

Beyond our performances, BeMe aims to educate and inspire. We teach design elements and directing techniques to curious students. We also facilitate workshops for young professionals, and mentor aspiring artists. 

You, too, can play an active role in reaching out to our audiences.

Demonstrate your commitment

By making a meaningful contribution to our theatre, you’ll develop your company’s reputation as a contributor to the local community.  You will also benefit from a recognition and benefits package tailored to your specific needs and interests. 

Your support could mean underwriting a stage production or sponsoring a special program. To learn more about these and other ways of supporting BeMe Theatre or to discuss your philanthropic objectives, please contact Elisa Moolecherry or Felix Leicher, at 089- 38 53 77 65 or by email.


Thank you to all of our members, donors and patrons for having a role in our productions. We couldn’t do it without you.

If you’ve any further questions please call us at 089-38 53 77 65 or send us an email.