Nicola Rademacher

Nicola Rademacher first opened her eyes here, where she lives now, in Munich. After finishing school, she continued to learn on the job. She went to Barcelona where she acquired skills in the ancient pictorial techniques of etching. She later returned to Munich, and there discovered the art of creating images via photography. Proceeding to animated forms of photography, she spent years working in film-editing; and finally came to create living pictures, by lighting theatrical productions. She is a member of the lighting department of the Münchner Volkstheater. In 2009 she graduated as “Bachelor Professional (CCI) of Events Technology and Operations, Specialised in Lighting”. This is her second production collaborating with BeMe Theatre, having been the lighting designer for their most recent production Betrayal last winter.

Born in: 

Munich, Gemany

Based out of: 

Munich, Germany